Blind Cleaning

CalblindsCalifornia Blind Company, founded in 1987, was the only blind cleaning company serving Northern California. We were the first company to introduce on-site, ultrasonic cleaning methods to the area. This proven method is the most thorough and safe way to clean blinds and is recommended by all of the major manufacturers.

How it Works

Step 1: Our technicians come to your home or place of business. The truck is hooked up to a standard hose bib and standard electrical outlet.

Step 2: The technicians remove the blinds or shades from its window, number the blind to its corresponding window and take out to the truck for cleaning.

Step 3: The blinds or shades are submerged in an ultrasonic bath, which cleans the entire blind. The ultrasonic cleaning tank uses patented ultrasonic technology which sends intense sound waves through the water and 100% environmentally safe cleaning solution which “blasts” the dirt off of the blinds and shaStep 4: The blinds are drip dried in the truck and then brought back into the home or office and hung back in its original window all in one visit.